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Beyond Gracie Combatives®, Gracie (Brazilian) Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) consists of hundreds of advanced techniques. In the Gracie Master Cycle® all of these techniques are organized into a clearly defined, systematic curriculum. The Master Cycle’s unique structure simplifies the journey to black belt by organizing all of BJJ into into seven positional chapters (Mount, Side Mount, Guard, Half Guard, Back Mount, Leg Locks, Standing), each of which is studied for several months before moving on to the next chapter.

Once you've achieved the rank of Gracie Combatives® belt, or higher, in Gracie Jiu-Jitsu, and you would like to continue on the path to black belt in a safe, structured, and friendly learning environment, the Master Cycle® offers the most efficient and effective way to get there!


Every Master Cycle® lesson begins with a 15-20 minute review/warm-up period during which you will review previous lessons. During the review period, we encourage you to collaborate with your training partners and ask questions of the instructors.

Technical Instruction

After the review, the instructor will present 2-3 new techniques from the current chapter of study. Then, you will practice the techniques with a cooperative partner until the movements become natural.

Gracie - Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Master Cycle Program Chart

Focus Sparring

At the end of class, you will have a chance to test your skills against a variety of training partners in a variety of controlled training exercises, such as: Rapid Mastery Drills, Focus Sparring Exercises, and Fight Simulation Drills. Safety is the primary concern during these sparring exercises, and any students who do not train in a safe and productive manner will not be allowed to participate. Sparring is 100% voluntary for Master Cycle® students.

Free Online Access 

There is a remarkable difference in the rate of progress between students who study in their off time and those who don’t. As an active member of our Master Cycle® program, you will be given your own personal subscription to Gracie University Online, which gives you unlimited online access to the Master Cycle® video-based curriculum. We strongly encourage use of this resource to review past lessons, to preview techniques for upcoming classes, and to prepare for future belt tests, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, from any computer or mobile device! Taking advantage of this powerful tool will indoubtedly help to catapult your technique to the next level!

Train Anywhere in the World

As an active student in the Master Cycle® you qualify to train at any Certified Gracie Jiu-Jitsu Training Center around the world. If you travel to a city with a Certified Training Center, we simply let them know that you’re a GRACIE JIU JITSU - STREET READY SELF DEFENSE® family member, and you can participate in any class for free for up to 30 days!


Most Martial Art schools limit new students to one free trial class. We offer new students a 10-day risk-free trial that includes unlimited access to all of our group classes for 10 full days! We’re confident that the curriculum, the camaraderie, and quality of the instruction will exceed all your expectations. If that’s not the case, just let us know, and we will never charge you a penny (all we ask is that you return the uniform that we provide you).


Take Advantage Of Our 10-DAY FREE TRIAL! 

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